Feature Testimony

God bless you Dale, Vicki, and everyone at Liberating Ministries for Christ International (LMCI),
I am writing to share with you the wonderful blessings God and Jesus have bestowed upon me. I also want to thank you Dale for your teachings. You have been used by God to save my life and I thank and pray to God for you and LMCI everyday.
As you know, my brother and I have been proclaiming God’s Word for some time. It started with just the imprecatory Psalms but it has expanded into so much more. I don’t tell you this to brag but to bless you—you taught me. I have been here in jail since September and I read my proclamation daily. It includes putting on my armor, sacrifice of praise, Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians (Ephesians 1:17–23 and 3:14–21) for you and everyone on my prayer list, and, of course, many Psalms. I have been taking a Bible course through “Forgotten Man Ministries” and also studying Romans and Hebrews. God is so awesome. As I was studying Romans I received from my brother, via Laurie Daniels, Romans 8 New Living Translation in a personalized format. Wow, it is great! Praise God.
I have, through my brother, ordered 10 copies of Perfect Redemption. I am having them sent to the jail preacher. One of my ministries is to distribute your books and I’m starting here. The guys here are good people. I have found they are craving God but have been too afraid to admit it or don’t know that it’s Jesus knocking. Part of my prayers is for open opportunities to speak God’s Word. Everyone sees me praying all the time (even when I’m working), and they come to me with their questions. I am so blessed because God always gives me the answers. One guy was upset because he said they screwed up his “out date.” God told me to go over and pray with him. I did, and two days later they called him and said they made a mistake. He ran all over the jail and proclaimed that my God works. I cry just thinking about it. God is so awesome.
I will admit I was stunned and very hurt to be sent to jail. But I decided that I would trust God. After what Jesus did for me and all of your teaching on spiritual warfare I knew that God would protect me. Well not only has He protected me, He has taught me so much more than I would have learned on the outside.
I am so blessed. I wish I was a good writer so I could express it better. I thank everyone for being my brothers and sisters in Christ.
God bless,
A. M.