A New Weapon for Hard Times: Praising God Beats Depression

A Time for War and a Time for Peace

A Word for Prophets about "Pollyanna" Prophecy

Adding to the Church

An Apologia on Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

An Exposé on Psychics: Who They Truly Are and How They Truly Work

Arm Yourself with Suffering

Balancing the Person and Principles of Christ

Christological Astronomy: Reading Our Christological Profiles in the Heavens

Current Church Trends

Dealing with Multiple Personality Disorders

Devil, Give Us Back
Our Teenagers!

Don’t Forget the Gifts of the Spirit

Establishing Churches through Apostolic Team Ministry

Exercising Spiritual Authority

Fear Not!

Fruit of the Spirit: Producing Christ-like Character for a Lifetime

God Is in Control!/?

Have Salt in Yourselves and Peace With One Another

Healing and Health

Healing in Holy Communion


I Believe in the Godhead

Idols of the Heart

If You Faint in the Day of Adversity

If You’re Discouraged – Get Back Into the Fight!

My Redeemer Lives and My King Will Come: A Testimony of the Word of God Written in the Heavens

No New Patches on Old Garments: New Churches for New Wine

Our Covenant Keeping God

Our Jurisdiction: Where We Stand

Overcoming the Spirit of Balaam

Principalities, Powers, and Demons

Psychotropic Drugs: New Age Pharmakeia

Realizing Your Personal Ministry

Religious Slavery: The Deception of the Hindu Caste System

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Suffering: Shut Up, and Take the Pain!

The Antidote for Anxiety

The Apostle/Prophet Relationship

The Baptism of Fire (What Causes Division within the Church?)

The Basics of Deliverance

The Consecration to Minister

The Cyrus Anointing

The Great Escape

The Home Church: Revolution or Re-Evolution

The Old Man is Dead

The Seven Spirits of God

The Vital Relationship between Pastors and Intercessors

The Week of Millennia

Unity - How to Stand Together Despite Different Christian Beliefs

Unity in Worship

Victory Over Iniquity

Warring Psalms

What the Spirit is Saying to the Churches

Wisdom is Better than Weapons of War


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