Christological Astronomy:

Reading Our Christological Profiles in the Heavens




Dale M. Sides


This article was written in response to those who heard my teachings on Christological Astronomy and requested that I put them into a readable format. It focuses on reading our Christological profiles in the heavens, which is only one aspect of Christological astronomy, but it is the one that impacts us the most on a personal level. To think that God Almighty (Yahweh) loved us enough to write our potential Christological destiny in the heavens is huge; however, once we get over the amazement of it, we can begin to see how obvious it is that Yahweh, in His omniscience, would do this.


This is a mammoth subject that will eventually require a workbook to guide us through it. The value of this knowledge is almost overwhelming, yet with the Holy Spirit’s help, I hope to teach others how to use this prophetic tool within their ministries.


After researching this material and implementing it, I have witnessed a string of remarkably accurate results. Every Christological profile I’ve interpreted has proven to be a correct assessment of the person’s abilities and callings. I’m aware that some may mistakenly malign me as an astrologer; but the impact of these profiles upon people’s lives is worth the price of being misjudged. Just as Yeshua (Jesus) did not allow criticism to stop Him, neither can I allow the fear of it to silence me. As the name and vision statement of my ministry implies (Liberating Ministries for Christ International), I am zealous to see people liberated to fulfill their ministries for Christ. As much as my previous research has benefited anyone, I pray that this too will help Christ followers to discover and fulfill who God meant them to be from before the foundations of the world.


May this be a divine revelation from the Word of God in the heavens, as shown to you by the Holy Spirit— of your destiny, calling, and Christlike potential designed by the hand of Almighty God.



Each of us has a true, foreordained calling that has been etched in the heavens by God Almighty. When accurately interpreted, these celestial pictures can reveal our potential Christlike attributes and provide powerful insight to help us fulfill them. Sadly, astrologers have counterfeited these Christological profiles for millennia, which has hindered God’s people from recognizing their true message.


We already know from the Scriptures that our sovereign God foretold our callings and destinies (Ephesians 1:4 and 5) and predestined us (Romans 8:29) to replicate and re-present His Son on the earth. Since biblical astronomers have concluded that God revealed Jesus’ person and destiny in the heavens, it seems reasonable that He could have also revealed ours in the same way. If we were all meant to be in Him, to the praise of His glory, then isn’t it logical that our destinies would also be wrapped up within His?


The premise of this research is threefold: 1) all the heavenly bodies (stars and constellations, sun, moon, and planets) hold a revelation of Jesus Christ; 2) His birth sky, in particular, speaks prophetically of His person and attributes; 3) since we were all made to be in Him, a profile of each individual’s Christlike potentials can be seen within their birth sky as well. Of course, the celestial messages must be properly interpreted in order for these three points to hold true.


Yahweh’s Heavenly Communication

Hebrews 1:1 tells us that God has communicated to His people in different ways throughout the ages. Celestial revelation actually predates written Scripture and is the formation of all truth to mankind. When the Hebrew people received the written Scriptures, it appears that they began neglecting the revelation of

the heavens that had so clearly displayed their Messiah. However, other nations of the world continued to read and understand it to the end that they sent representatives to greet and honor the long-awaited King of the world when His star announced His coming (Matthew 2:2).1 By the time this happened, the Jews had strayed so far from the heavenly message that Herod endeavored to kill Him instead of joining the

magi (the wise men) in their veneration of Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach).


Psalm 119:89 states, “forever O LORD, Your word is settled [established] in heaven.” Heaven holds a declaration of God’s Word that establishes what holy men of God wrote as they were moved (inspired) by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21). The Bible is our standard of truth, but we should not ignore its celestial witness.


The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language Where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out through all the earth, And their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, And rejoices like a strong man to run its race. Its rising is from one end of heaven, And its circuit to the other end; And there is nothing hidden from its heat. Psalm 19:1–6


These verses offer a roadmap to reading the pictorial revelations painted by the hand of God across the sky. Starry illustrations abound in the Scriptures—from the promised seed of Virgo (Genesis 3:15) to the trampling of scorpions in Scorpio (Luke 10:19). The heavens continually witness both a constant and present truth that can be interpreted through simple keys that have been either lost or misused. We can recover those keys so that these heavenly revelations and their personal meanings concerning our ministries in Christ can be ascertained and realized. We can do this by following Jesus and His pattern, both in life and in the heavens.


Celestial pictures can be read the same way that many read the written Scriptures—with Christological hermeneutics. This simply means looking for Christ in all the illustrations. When reading the Bible, we use Christological hermeneutics to find Jesus in every book and account; when reading the celestial messages, we use Christological astronomy to find Him in every portion of the heavens. Since Christ is the glory of God and “the heavens declare the glory of God,” then the pictures in the constellations should (and do) reveal aspects of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God—Yeshua HaMashiach. They display  the storyline of His redemption, as well as His coming kingdom. The key to unlocking these heavenly mysteries is to look for Christ in all the constellations and movements of the sun, moon, and planets—this is Christological astronomy.


Satan’s Perversion of the True Heavenly Messages

Most people only know of the prophetic messages of heaven through their exposure to Satan’s perversion of it, which is astrology. Throughout history, astrology has been used to manipulate and rob people who are desperate to find meaning for their lives. The Christological messages contained within the arrangement of the heavens on our birth dates were not to be interpreted for wealth or selfish ambition. Rather, the true riches of these interpretations are found within the Christlike potential that can be fulfilled in our lives. Even those who have not yet received Jesus as their personal Redeemer have a potential story written in the stars.


Satan steals and twists God’s truths. We can see this through his seduction of Eve (Genesis 3:1–5) and through his misuse of the Scriptures to tempt Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1–9). He imparts these lies to his servants and promises them wealth and power if they will entice others to believe them, and he has done this with astrology. I coined this phrase to summarize the difference between astrology and astronomy: astrology is all about me, but Christological astronomy is all about Thee. Astrology is rooted in self—selfish ambition and selfish gain.


If I have rejoiced because my wealth was great, and because my hand had gained much; If I have observed the sun when it shines, or the moon moving in brightness, so that my heart has been secretly enticed, and my mouth has kissed my hand; this

also would be an iniquity worthy of judgment, for I would have denied God who is above.

Job 31:25–28


“My mouth has kissed my hand” indicates self-worship, which results from a twisted perspective of the  sun and moon. God will judge those who pervert the truth of His heavenly messages to lead people away from Him. And He will judge those who manipulate people to gain wealth.


Christological astronomy is the truth of the heavenly messages that God wrote across the skies for His people and it is all about Christ. It is not about self. Our potential Christological destinies have been written so that we can rise up to the high calling of Christ in our lives—so that we will be to the praise of His glory.


After witnessing their positive impact upon people’s lives, it’s easy to see why the true interpretations of Christological profiles are a credible threat to the evil kingdom. Satan has hidden and poisoned the reading of these heavenly revelations for fear that we will shine forth the glory of the one and only true God, Yahweh.


A Serious Error of Astrology

Not only is astrology Satan’s counterfeit, but it also contains a serious error that most are ignorant of. The astrological tables and indicators that are used today are 2300 years out of date and out of phase because of the precessional rewind of the earth. This means that you were probably not born within the “zodiac” sign that astrologers would place you in.

The earth’s orientation in the heavens changes one degree every 72 years;2 and because it has been 2300 years since these tables and indicators were written, most of our “sun signs” have precessed an entire house during that interim. For instance, astrologers claim that my birth date’s reading lies within the constellation of Virgo; however, the accurate astronomical placement of it is in the constellation of Leo.


Never listen to astrologers. Not only are their motives generally self-centered, skewed, and deceptive, but their methods are antiquated and erroneous. Anyone who consults an astrologer (e.g., by reading your horoscope) will be duped on many levels (Deuteronomy 18:10–14).


Horoscope reading is sun worship that is based upon deception, including ignorance of the simple mechanics of astronomy. To read further on this subject, access the following link: http://www.pillar-of-


Reading Heavenly Messages

Interpreting (reading) the heavenly messages is an exact science, rather than an errant, occult practice like astrology. In fact, Dr. Earnest Martin, author of The Star that Astonished the World, calculated the exact date of Jesus’ birth as September 11, 3 BC, sometime between 6:18 and 7:45 PM, based on Revelation 12:1, Genesis 49:10, and astronomy. Many other biblical astronomers agree on this date, also.


Yahweh is the One who instituted celestial prophecy, and He is certainly not opposed to reading His heavenly messages since that was how He chose to inform the magi (wise men) of the birth of His Son. However, He does oppose it being worshiped or used for personal gain.


Genesis 1:14 tells us that the heavens reveal signs and seasons and days and years, which is why some who have studied the constellations have also discovered the probable dates and meanings of Adam’s creation, as well as the birth dates of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and David. If God put these messages in the sky to reveal signs and seasons, then we should also be able to estimate the timing of our Redeemer’s return to establish His kingdom. The Scriptures say no man knows the “day and hour,”

but perhaps we can know the season. Later, we will explore this possibility by looking at the future revelations prophesied by the constellations.3

Predestinated to Be Conformed to the Image of His Son

The truth is that the sun, moon, and planets were divinely arranged within the constellations on Christ’s birth date (see illustration on next page). Since God predestinated us to be conformed into Christ’s image (Romans 8:29–30), I believe that the celestial arrangements of each of our birth date skies will also display aspects of Christ.


For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. Romans 8:29–30 KJV


We’ve each been given specific aspects of Christ that our Father chose long ago to reveal through us. Just as Jesus’ birth date revealed what He was destined to become, we each have our own personal Christological profile that reveals our calling. I believe it can be seen in the positions of the sun, moon, and planets within the specific constellations of our birth date, as His was.


God knew each and every one of us before He ever set the stars and planets in their places. Throughout church history, theologians have argued over the meaning of predestination—to the point of forging denominations and splits. The truth that the heavens declare God’s glory (Psalm 19:2–3) and that we are supposed to be part of that glory (John 17:22), adds an interesting element to this debate.


Reading the Heavens

We don’t need a degree in astrophysics to understand the images of Jesus Christ in the heavens. We simply need to know the meaning of each constellation and then put it together with the meanings of the planets and the sun and moon. Psalm 147:4 tells us that God named the stars; He strategically placed them into groupings, or constellations (Job 9:9). He revealed their meanings to the patriarchs beginning

with Adam, Seth, and especially Enoch, who then passed them down to subsequent generations.4 The

divine message of each constellation was revealed in a pictorial language, with each picture revealing an aspect of the Messiah’s mission to the world.


Although most of us learned about Christ from the Scriptures, Hebrews 1:1 tells us that God used other ways to communicate to His people in the past.


God, who at various times and in different ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets. Hebrews 1:1


The revelation in the heavens was given to the patriarchs almost 2500 years before God revealed it to Moses to write down.5 Thus, we can learn about the Messiah through the written word, but we can also learn about Him from the revelations that Yahweh placed in the heavens. Both ways show us Christ.

Hebrews 1:2 says that God now speaks through His Son, but His messages in the Bible and in the sky have never stopped declaring Christ’s character, mission, and purpose. Throughout history, mankind could (and still can) gaze upon His story in the heavens as well as in the written Scriptures.


The Example of Christ’s Birth Sky

By using the pattern of the heavens during the birth of Christ, we can begin to understand how to read our own celestial profiles. Through this example, we will also be able to see how the written Scriptures and  the heavenly ones confirm (bear witness of) each other.


The following representation of the heavens on that historical night was produced by the astronomy software, Starry Night Pro.



According to Revelation 12:1, the sun was in Virgo when Jesus was born.


Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman [Virgo] clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Revelation 12:1


The constellation of Virgo represents the promised seed of the woman, which corresponds with Genesis 3:15 (the prophecy of the promised seed). When we look at Virgo in the night sky, it should remind us of Christ as the promised seed. The particular arrangement of the sun and moon at the time of His birth established that prophecy. This is an example of reading astronomical messages with Christological meanings—He can always be found within the various arrangements of the heavenly bodies, because He is the glory of God and the heavens declare that glory.


The moon is a powerful sign in the heavens for all of our profiles. In Christ’s, it is under Virgo’s feet. This means that as the promised seed, He would die for the sins of the seed of the woman, which is all of mankind.


When we look at Jupiter’s placement in Jesus’ birth sky, we see that it is directly between the feet of Leo the Lion. This is the prophetic fulfillment of Genesis 49:10.


The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and to Him shall be the obedience of the people. Genesis 49:10


Neptune is under the foot of Ophiuchus and upon Scorpio, which happens to be the most violent place on the ecliptic path. This shows that conflict was in Yeshua’s potential destiny, which is scripturally witnessed in Isaiah 53:5.


But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5


Further in this article, there will be a list of all the constellations describing each of their unique revelations of the Redeemer in His birth sky. However, we will first look at another truth about the sun, moon, and planets concerning variations in the Messiah’s glory (or message) they convey.


According to 1 Corinthians 15:40 and 41, there is a different message (“glory”) that comes from each heavenly body.


There are also celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differs from another star in glory. 1 Corinthians 15:40–41


To determine our Christological profile, we must pay attention to the sun, moon, and planets as well as the 12 major constellations. There is “one glory of the sun, another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars.” Even the individual stars have a glory that differs from one another.


When looking at a birth date, we need to combine the messages of these celestial bodies with the revelations of Christ in the particular constellation in the solar ecliptic path on that date. This will present a unique profile for the person born upon that day, revealing the portion of the Messiah that God foreordained them to fulfill. This differs from astrological predestination, which dictates a destiny for individuals whether they choose it or not. When we base our heavenly interpretation upon the Truth, we are simply viewing the potential of what that individual can become in reference to the image of Christ. It  is up to each of us whether or not we will fulfill our divine destinies.


The concept of glory is not just mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:40–41. If we look again at Romans 8:29 and 30, where it speaks of God foreknowing and predestinating us, we can see that He also glorified us. Psalm 19:1 spoke of the heavens declaring the glory of God; and, according to Hebrews 1:3, Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory.

Who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. Hebrews 1:3


The effulgence of God’s glory is manifested in Jesus Christ. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words defines “brightness” from Hebrews 1:3 as “‘a shining forth’ (apo, ‘from,’ auge, ‘brightness’), of a light coming from a luminous body.”6 If the sun, moon, planets, and stars all differ in their representation of that brightness (glory), then I submit that each of us shows a particular aspect of

Jesus, the glory of God, and that our individual profiles held within these celestial bodies contains a revelation of who we can potentially be in Christ.


Day unto day and night unto night the message (glory) of the heavens is being declared (Psalm 19:2). Star positions are basically static, meaning they do not change course; rather, they form a background over which the sun, moon, and planets move. (This is the “firmament” of Psalm 19:1.) This means that any changes that take place must be basically within the movement of the sun, moon, and planets.


The message of Christ as the Redeemer is the same, but each day has a different representation of His aspects depending on where the sun, moon, and planets are located on that particular day and year in question. This means that the day and year of your birth is significant according to God’s sovereignty and foreknowledge of who and what He predestinated you to be (or become). He foreordained each of us to shine forth a different aspect of His glory.


An amazing pattern of accuracy has surfaced throughout the Christological profiles I’ve observed, and   this has built my faith tremendously in the truth that our potential destinies are indeed written in the heavens. Although the Christlike character traits are not guaranteed because of our free will, our birth   date profiles do show the potential for them. As I’ve shown people their profiles, most have said they were encouraged through the heavenly confirmation of their callings and that it gave them a renewed focus and deeper conviction of their purpose in Christ. They’ve also shared that it helped them to better understand the struggles they’ve experienced while endeavoring to fulfill them.


The Message and Movement of the Sun, Moon, and Planets

Each of the heavenly bodies (sun, moon, and planets included) reveals aspects of the character and personality of the Messiah, even though they differ in glory. The message they each speak in the heavens tells of a different property of our Redeemer’s brightness.


The constellation and the sun’s location in the ecliptic path on our birth dates both play a significant role in our Christological profiles, as do any massing of planets within the constellation. The moon’s position is also vital to the overall picture and the final analysis.


Each heavenly body (and/or combination of them) carries a different meaning and can add pertinent information to the Christological profile of an individual. While the constellations reveal the Messianic purpose and mission, the planets show the personal attributes.


An example of a Christological profile and reading is posted on the Internet for your perusal and learning. Search for “Christological Astronomy” to find the short video clips. Seeing this example should help you to visualize the concept and process. Also, URL links are posted in the endnotes of this article as another way to help you find the clips.7

NOTE: The following Christological meanings of the sun, moon, and planets were compiled by studying their physical characteristics and the etymology of their names. The positioning of the planets in their order from the sun and their locations during Jesus’ birth were also taken into consideration. Although these interpretations contain some of my insight (and perhaps some of my biases); the important thing is that they represent obvious aspects of Yeshua when looking at the larger scope of our Redeemer and coming King.


Whenever we are determining the meanings of any celestial body within our Christological profile, we should always ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what we need to know—He is the one who leads us into all truth (John 16:13).


The Sun. The sun shows Jesus Christ as the Righteous One. The righteousness He brings from Yahweh is the great gift of love and acceptance by the Creator. His righteousness is what ties together the storyline of man’s redemption through the Redeemer. He is the bridegroom spoken of in Psalm 19:4 and 5.


Their line has gone out through all the earth, And their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, And rejoices like a strong man to run its race. Psalm 19:4–5


Clearly, the sun is the most noticeable heavenly body to locate within a Christological profile. However, to accurately determine its location on a birth date, remember that we need to rely on solid astronomy—not astrology. (Astrology usually places people’s birth dates in the wrong constellation—usually the one ahead of the actual one.) The simplest way to discover the right constellation, as well as the locations of           the sun, moon, and planets is to enter your birth date (and birth time, if you know it) in a good astronomy computer program that will compute it for you. I use an excellent program called Starry Night Pro; however, there are free downloads for other astronomy programs such as Stellarium

(, which should yield the same search results.8


The constellation the sun was in at the time of our birth will show certain traits and images of the Messiah that are potential within us. (The constellation you were born in can be determined by the one in which  the sun rose and set on your birth date.) Again, this is not sun worship any more than it would be angel worship if an angel brought us a word from the Lord.

The Moon. The relevance of the moon lies within its ability to reflect the light of the sun, since it cannot shine of its own accord. Therefore, its implication within our Christological destiny is determined by the constellation that houses it on that date, since that impacts its reflected light. It is also continually changing within its phases, causing variations within that light. The moon symbolizes our continual need to reflect Christ (the sun); it may also indicate an area in our lives that requires extra strengthening from the Scriptures.

For example, suppose the moon was in Libra at the time of your birth. Since Libra shows the righteous judgments of Yeshua, this could indicate a need to focus upon scripture verses that pertain to making righteous judgments (rather than soulish ones). If the moon was in Leo, it could indicate the need to focus upon verses that speak of humility; if in Aquarius, the need may be to read verses pertaining to our abilities coming from God rather than from ourselves.


As we’ve already seen, the moon was under the feet of Virgo on Yeshua’s birth date (Revelation 12:1). Since Virgo symbolizes kingdom building, this could indicate His need to continually reflect upon building His Father’s kingdom and not His own. This continual focus is what would keep Him obedient even to a torturous death upon the cross. It’s not hard to understand His struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing that His hour had come to suffer for His Father’s kingdom. By His continual reflection of the Father’s will, He was able to overcome the temptation to do His own.


Although the moon’s positioning and reflected light on our birth date may reveal personal challenges, it should not be viewed negatively. It simply provides a key to help us reach our Christlike potential portrayed within in the heavens. It does this by revealing what we need to renew our minds to so that we more effectively reflect His glory.


The Planets. We can see Christlike characteristics within the names of the planets, even though they were derived from mythology. The planets show the passion and feelings of the Lord, whereas the constellations show more of His purpose and ministry. When planets are massed together (meaning more than one appears) within a constellation, special attention needs to be given to the grouping of their characteristics.


Mercury. The Romans named the planet closest to the sun Mercury, after their swift-footed mythological messenger god. They chose the name because this planet appeared to move across the sky faster than any other planet. Mercury’s Hebrew name, Kohav Chammah, literally means “the sun’s planet,” indicating its symbolism of heralding the Bridegroom’s message.


The constellation that Mercury is in at the time of someone’s birth (usually the same as the sun’s) will reveal the message that the person will champion. Its positioning within that constellation will also impact its significance.


For example, on Jesus’ astronomically calculated birth date of September 11, 3 BC, Mercury was in  Virgo, located directly over the woman’s heart. Since Virgo is “the kingdom builder,” this indicates that the heart (central focus) of Jesus’ message was to build the kingdom of God. A couple of scriptures that exemplify this are, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18 KJV) and “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17).


Venus. Venus was named after the mythological goddess of love and passion; similarly, its position on  our birth date will indicate our passion—what we really love. It is also one of the brighter celestial lights in the early morning sky, giving it the nickname of the Morning Star, one of Christ’s names. (It often appears in the early evening sky as well, giving it another nickname of the Evening Star.) Its Hebrew name is Nogah, which means to shine brightly. Venus shows the intensity, passion, and love of the Messiah.


When Yeshua was born, Venus was in the head of Virgo. This indicates that His love and passion would be to build the kingdom of God. He sacrificed His own life for that passion.


Mars. Mars was named after the Roman mythological god of war and shows the warrior aspect of Christ. Its positioning on our birth date indicates what we are willing to fight for. The Hebrew name for Mars is M’adim, which means red or the color of blood, probably so named because of the iron oxide on its surface that gives it a reddish appearance. Thus, it is nicknamed the Red Planet. It can reveal our fiery zeal—again, what we are willing to fight for, even give our life for.


On Yeshua’s birth date, Mars was in an amazing position within the center of Capricorn, precisely at the dividing point between the dying goat and the living fish. This displays His sacrifice (what He was willing to fight and die for) in order to ransom God’s people. He was the scapegoat who took the sins of the

world upon Himself. The fish is symbolic of His resurrection from the dead; likewise depicting His fervent heart to lay down His life, knowing that the Father would resurrect him.


Jupiter. Jupiter was named after the mythological god by the same name (also known as Zeus)— considered the head god of all others. Probably named this because of its superior size to the other planets (in our solar system), it is also referred to as the king planet. Jupiter was the chief (leading) god in Roman mythology; hence, its position reveals a person’s potential to lead. As the king planet, it directly represents Yeshua as King. In our Christological profiles, this would be indicative of leadership.


Many biblical astrologers believe that “His star” (Matthew 2:2), which drew the magi to Christ’s birth, was actually the planet Jupiter (Tzedeq in Hebrew). Tzedeq means righteousness, so when we combine the aspects of leadership and righteousness, we see a heavenly witness of Jesus being the leader of righteous laws and judgments—the King of Righteousness. The Scriptures witness that He was the fulfillment of the written Law Who also availed the Law to be written in the tables of our hearts.


At Jesus’ birth, Jupiter was directly between the front feet of Leo, as prophesied of Judah in Genesis 49:10. It was also in direct conjunction with the star Regulus, known as the king star.


Saturn. The Hebrew name for Saturn is Shabbati which means the Sabbath or rest. Our ultimate rest lies within our inheritance, which is obtained by standing until the end. Therefore, I believe that Saturn shows the Messianic profile of what motivates us to remain faithful through the end of our earthly life.


Also significant is Saturn’s positioning as the seventh planet from the sun, symbolizing the spiritual perfection of our promised inheritance.


On Yeshua’s birth, Saturn was on the forehead of Taurus the bull. Taurus shows the Messiah coming to take the kingdom, but it is also a sacrificial constellation profiling the blood of the bull used in the Old Testament atonement. Jesus came to earth knowing that He was destined to give His life and that He would return to take the kingdom as a charging bull. This knowledge motivated Him to remain faithful all the way through His earthly ministry—to the end of giving His life as a perfect sacrifice for us.


Other Planets. There are other planets not visible to the naked eye that the telescope has made known to us. Primarily, these are Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto (reclassified in 2006 as a dwarf planet). They do seem to influence our Christological profiles, and a pattern has emerged within their interpretations concerning our inner secrets—those things about ourselves that only we know. First Corinthians 14:25 says that the “secrets of his heart are revealed,” when reporting on one of the aspects of prophecy; and this appears to be the case with the prophetic significance of these planets in our birth-date sky. (From my experience, it seems that Uranus and Neptune reveal those secrets more than Pluto.)


There is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter called Ceres, which may have some meaning as well. Astronomers are still theorizing that Ceres is the remains of a once-existing planet that is now an asteroid belt (possibly resulting from a planet being destroyed or at least knocked out of orbit).


The location of Ceres in our Christological profile may reveal an area that needs to be diligently guarded; it could also be indicative of potential persecution in that area.

NOTE: From my own study on Ceres, I believe that it could be in the same position as the planet “Rahab”9 once was (mentioned three times in the Bible). This is not a heaven-or-hell issue, but another theory I have (if Ceres is indeed in the same position as Rahab) is that Lucifer may have inhabited Rahab. If this is true, then it might be the heavenly location he fell from as recorded in Isaiah 14:12, “how you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.”


The 12 Constellations (The Message of the Firmament)

From the perspective of the earth, the sun makes a yearly path through the 12 major constellations. Psalm 19:1–4 speaks of this as the line that is gone out through all the earth, with the New International Version of the Bible (NIV) translating the word “line” as “voice.” This is the voice of God in the heavens

speaking day unto day and night unto night of His plan of redemption for mankind. It is a continual circuit (Psalm 19:6), perpetually witnessing to the earth’s inhabitants.


When the Lord exposed Job’s lack of wisdom by comparing it to His own, He asked him the following.


Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? Job 38:31–33a KJV


God designed the Mazzaroth (the 12 major constellations) to bring them forth in their seasons; He divided the line or circuit of the heavens into 12 separate sections, with each comprising about 30 degrees of the 360-degree circle.


For thousands of years Satan has manipulated the meanings of these divine heavenly groupings through mythology and astrology; yet the names of the stars and the constellations still bear the stamp and signature of the Creator in every language and culture where they have been studied. Whether the language is Hebrew, Arabic, Egyptian, Greek, Latin, or Hindi, a common origin is evident.10 The Bible reveals that the originator is Elohim—Creator of the heavens and earth.

The names and meanings of the stars in the 12 major constellations are pivotal in understanding and interpreting the Christological significance of the heavens because they determine the pictorial meaning of each constellation. It is not a connect-the-dots drawing, but a picture portrayed through the revelation of the stars’ names that were given by Yahweh when He placed them in the sky. This provides each constellation with its own Christological meaning and symbolism.


Biblical researchers, such as Frances Rolleston who wrote The Mazzaroth; E.W. Bullinger who wrote The Witness of the Stars; and Joseph Seiss who wrote The Gospel in the Stars, have retrieved these names and recovered what Satan tried to steal and hide. All three of these researchers (along with various other biblical scholars) agree that God named the stars and grouped the constellations, preserving the truth of the Mazzaroth (Zodiac in the Greek) within the 12 major constellations along the ecliptic path of the sun.


Attached to each of the 12 constellations are three minor constellations, which are called decans. To accurately interpret our Christological destinies and complete our profiles, we need to combine the decans’ meanings with the meaning of their corresponding major constellation. E.W. Bullinger compiled what is probably the most condensed information in this field in appendix 12 of The Companion Bible.

This is accessible online at

The Analogy of a 12-Staged Theater

The following analogy of a 12-staged theater should help you to visualize your Christological profile. Picture yourself sitting on a swivel chair in the center of a pitch-black theater. A stage completely surrounds you in a 360-degree horizontal circle. This represents the rotational, or ecliptic, path of the sun. The stage is divided into 12 sections, representing the 12 constellations of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth. Each section has a different background, setting, and props; and each reveals a different part of the plot. The 12 stages combine to form the whole story, which centers upon the coming Redeemer and King. Seven   main actors, dressed in different costumes, are continually walking around the entire 360-degree stage acting out their part of the play. These actors represent the sun, moon, and planets. There are also minor characters moving within the shadows who can only be seen when the light hits them. When the seven main actors move from one section to another, their character does not change; however, the different settings behind them determine their unique contribution to the plot at that point in time.


Within the celestial theater in front of us, the seven major actors are the sun and moon and the planets that can be seen with the naked eye. The minor characters are the planets that cannot be seen with the naked eye but still contribute to the intricacies of the plot. Particular emphasis is given to the sun and moon; they are the “stars” of the show because their significance is so great. When the actors (sun, moon, and planets) are grouped together in the same section of the stage, it is called a massing of planets within a constellation; and we need to pay attention because this occurrence greatly intensifies

the significance of its location and message. Looking at the position of the actors on the circular stage at the date and time of your birth is how your Christological profile is read.


NOTE: Another aspect we could add to the theater would be a circle painted on the ceiling, representing the precessional rewind of the earth that occurs every 26,000 years. This is the subject of my forthcoming book, The Great Circle of the Heavens.


The Interpretations of the 12 Major Constellations

Hebrews 1:1 and 2 tell us that of all the ways God speaks to His people, the most effective is through the Spirit of His Son, or the Holy Spirit. Therefore, in order to validate what these constellations reveal to people about themselves, they must seek confirmation directly from the Holy Spirit. Just as the written Scriptures are more specific concerning the person of Christ than the celestial revelations; likewise, the personal witness of the Holy Spirit is an even stronger validation than the images derived out of the written Scriptures, some of which are vulnerable to man’s interpretation. So, the listing of what each image of Christ indicates within your birth date profile requires a personal witness by the Holy Spirit.


In the analogy of the circular, 12-staged theater with different settings, props, and backdrops, each of the constellations revealed specific aspects of Jesus Christ. When we added the actors (the sun, moon, and planets), the celestial play came to life with movement. Therefore, it is important to consider what each of the 12 stages (the major constellations) contribute to the storyline before determining a Christological profile.


The following constellations were Christologically interpreted by studying the meanings of the names of the stars within them and their decans (their three minor constellations), as well as the overall character and mission of Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of mankind and the King of Glory.


Virgo. This is the figure of the woman who would bring forth the Redeemer. It is the first constellation in the ecliptic path and indicates the image of Messiah as a kingdom builder and visionary. Its positioning as the first constellation also shows the character trait of initiation, often indicative of an individual who operates outside the nine dots of conformity. This person is usually looking for a better way of doing  things instead of sticking with the status quo.

Libra. This is the figure of the scales, symbolizing both the redemptive and sacrificial natures of the Messiah (with Christ on one side of the scales and our sins on the other). Libra reveals the character traits of judgment and discernment and may indicate tendencies towards black-and-white judgments, with     little room for gray. This individual may have a gifting of discernment.


Scorpio. This is the figure of the scorpion with the conqueror’s (Ophiuchus) foot on its heart. It is the most violent position in the ecliptic path and shows victory through conflict. (It is interesting to note that the ecliptic path of the sun has actually moved since the time of Christ, which means that Ophiuchus, the

conqueror, is now in the direct path longer than the scorpion. This presents a possibility that Ophiuchus could/should be named the major constellation rather than Scorpio.)12 This shows tenacity and a strong will to win, especially since Hercules is included as a decan in this grouping of constellations. It may also

reveal a strong prophetic gifting.


Sagittarius. This archer on the white horse reveals a winning attitude, despite circumstances. It is indicative of warrior-like, kingdom-taker character traits, revealing Christ’s aggressive nature as a strong finisher in the end. Sagittarius carries an apostolic message.


Capricorn. The symbol of a dying goat in one half and a living fish in the other half shows a sacrificial lifestyle and a love for others. The fish shows the trait of coming back after defeat or a resurrection. The goat profiles the Old Testament scapegoat, which indicates loyalty to others, strong friendship, and sacrificial love.


Aquarius. The water bearer with the poured-out urn often pictured at belly level could be indicative of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus referenced this when He said, “out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” This constellation indicates great spiritual ability—an affinity for the energizing the Holy Spirit.

Pisces. This constellation is represented by two fishes connected by a band; one fish is pointing up (north), and the other is flowing horizontally with the ecliptic path of the sun. Pisces shows abundance and usually great giftings from God that must be developed in order to bless and help others. It may also indicate strong evangelistic tendencies.


Aries. This is the ram of God—not one dying in sacrifice—but representing the coming King after His sacrifice. It is indicative of a kingdom-taking trait, with the decans in this grouping showing an attitude of fighting for others and a sacrificial type of leadership, rather than one who leads from the rear.


Taurus. This is the figure of a charging bull, indicative of great determination and a strong will.


Gemini. This constellation is represented symbolically by twins, one being a worshipper and the other a warrior. It reveals the image of Yeshua in a balanced life, not being too extreme but practical in judgment and judicious in decision making. It may also indicate a struggle for the spiritual mind to dominate over the carnal mind.

Cancer. The crab symbolically shows tenacity to hold on to the faith. This constellation is also symbolized as a door, which shows Jesus as the Shepherd—the door of the sheep. This indicates a great love for others and a strong pastoral heart of service.


Leo. This is the lion of the tribe of Judah, which shows leadership, a strong personality and an apostolic attitude.


The constellations show Messiah’s ministry and mission, whereas the planets show His passion and personality. Observing the planets, sun, and moon’s positions within the constellations on our birth dates can reveal much about our Christological destiny. God foreordained and predestinated us to be conformed to the image of His Son, and the Son is the glory of God; therefore, all of us are called to display God’s glory through our character traits and virtue as we become more and more like Jesus.



Just as Jesus Christ is the subject of the written Word of God from Genesis 3:15 to Revelation 22:21, we’ve seen that He is also the subject of the Word of God written in the heavens from Virgo to Leo. He is the promised seed of the woman (Virgo) and the coming King of Glory as the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Leo). He is the bridegroom racing through the heavens to redeem and restore His bride to glory.


Our Christological destinies that are written in the heavens are not the same as astrological readings. Rather, they are divine celestial displays of the Father’s plans to mold us into the image of His Son; and they are actualized as we obey and submit to Him.


This study has provided a foundation for discovering our own Christological profiles; but, as always, it is essential that the Holy Spirit teaches us by revealing the deeper things to us. Only He can confirm what we read in the heavens.

Whether we realize our callings and destinies from the written Scriptures13 and/or as the Holy Spirit reveals it to us, I pray that the information in this study can help us shine forth a greater glory of the Son of the Living God, whose image we have been foreordained and predestined to walk in.




Astrology is all about me, but Christological astronomy is all about Thee.


It is my hope that this sharing helps you identify your Christological potential, calling, and foreordained ministry. Since the name of our ministry is Liberating Ministries for Christ International, our continual emphasis is to assist people in identifying and fulfilling their callings.

If you are not able to download Stellarium or another astronomy program, then hopefully you’ll be able to participate in a class that I’ll be teaching on the subject. I plan to also help others to teach it so that they can disburse the knowledge as well.


The scope and application of Christological astronomy is awesome because it reveals the omniscience and sovereignty of God over all our lives. I pray that the Holy Spirit unfolds this truth to you and helps you to more clearly identify your calling and destiny in Christ Jesus. May you be encouraged to make your foreordained destiny in Christ much more than a potential one.


If you would like to participate in or host a Christological Astronomy class, please contact Liberating Ministries for Christ International at 540-586-5813. My capability to do individual readings is limited, but I hope to assist as many as possible to receive the beautiful and personal message of their Christological profile and destiny written in the heavens.



A Lap around the Ecliptic


The promised seed (Virgo), The price He paid (Libra);

Though wounded (Scorpio/Ophiuchus),

He promised to come again someday (Sagittarius).

Sacrificed and raised up on high (Capricorn), He poured out His Spirit (Aquarius)

On Jew and Gentile (Pisces)

With promise to reign with the Ram on high (Aries).

With rage He is coming (Taurus), For His beautiful bride (Gemini) To give her the kingdom (Cancer) From the Lion on high (Leo).


—poem by Dale M. Sides







1.     An audio teaching by Dr. Dale on this topic (“Supernova of Bethlehem”) in MP3 format, item number LP108 MP3, is available online at, or in CD format, item number LP108 CD, at, or by calling LMCI at 540-586-5813.

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8.     Once you have Stellarium downloaded and up on your pc (not Mac) screen, the simplest way to start your search is by using the “function” keys on your keyboard (marked F1, F2, F3 etc.), as follows:

·          Press the “F5” key to set the date (and time, if available) of your birth.

o   Enter your information.

o   Then “x” out of that box.

·          Press F4.

o    The “Sky” tab will be displayed.

§   Under “Planets and Satellites,” check the boxes for “show planets” and “show planet markers.”

o    Click on the “Markings” tab.

§   Under “Celestial Sphere,” check the box for “ecliptic line.”

§   Under “Constellations,” check the boxes for “show lines,” “show labels,” “show boundaries,” and “show art.”

§   Then “x” out.

·          Press F3.

o    Type the name of a planet, the sun, or the moon and press “Enter” to find the constellation that it is located in (or nearest to). Note: You may need to get rid of the horizon by clicking on the icon that has two trees on a hill (in the lower, horizontal tool bar).

o    Write down the planet name and constellation.

o    Press F3 again to enter the next planet name. Repeat the steps until you have identified and written down the constellation that each planet, the sun, and the moon were located in on your birth date.

·          Press F11 and “x” out to end the program.

9.     Three audio teachings by Dale M. Sides on the subject of Rahab are accessible at From the listing on the webpage, click on the following three dates and titles: November 4, 2008, “The Testimony of Rahab;” November 11, 2008, “Fall/Destruction of Rahab and Precession of the Equinoxes,” (part one); and November 18, 2008, “Fall/Destruction of Rahab and Precession of the Equinoxes” (part two).

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