Realizing and Fulfilling Your Personal Ministry

Realizing and Fulfilling Your Personal Ministry

Realizing and Fulfilling Your Personal Ministry - e-book

Step 1. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Statements

Step 2. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Answer Sheet

Step 3. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Key

Step 4. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Ministry Definitions

Step 5. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Response Form

Realizing and Fulfilling Your Personal Ministry

Step 1. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Statements

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          A. Select the value from 0–4 to the degree that the statement is true in your life:
               0 = Not at all   1 = Little   2 = Moderately   3 = Considerably   4 = Strongly

          B. Record each response (value) on the Spiritual Gifts Evaluation Answer Sheet.

1. I enjoy working behind the scenes taking care of details, and I don't need a lot of public recognition.

2. I usually step forward and assume leadership in a group where none exists.

3. I enjoy cheerfully providing food and a place to stay for those in need.

4. Sometimes when I pray in the spirit, God gives me the interpretation.

5. I am able to organize ideas, people, and projects to reach a specific goal.

6. Others in the church have noted that I am especially able to see through phoniness.

7. I have believed God for the impossible and have seen it happen in a tangible way.

8. I am asked to sing or play a musical instrument at church functions.

9. I have a heightened sensitivity to see, hear, taste, feel, or smell in the sprit realm.

10. In the name of the Lord, I have often been used by God in healing diseases instantaneously.

11. I have an ability to use my hands in a creative way to design and build things.

12. I have healed people's illnesses in the power of Jesus' name.

13. I enjoy freely giving money or resources to those in serious need.

14. I enjoy ministering to people in hospitals, prisons, or rest homes to comfort them.

15. I often have insights that offer practical solutions to difficult problems.

16. I have discerned strategies or techniques God seems to use in futhering His kingdom.

17. I strongly desire to encourage and give counsel to those who are discouraged.

18. I have an ability to thoroughly study a passage of Scripture and then share it with others in a way they can understand.

19. I like the role of nurturing God's people.

20. Other people respect me as an authority in spiritual matters.

21. I have the ability to easily learn a foreign language and adapt readily to other cultures and lifestyles.

22. I often am compelled to speak specific words of encouragement or correction from God to others.

23. I enjoy spending time with non-Christians, especially with hopes of telling them about Jesus.

24. When I pray, God frequently speaks to me and I recognize His voice.

25. I have spoken to evil spirits and they have obeyed me.

26. I am passionate about building the kingdom of God by ministering to and networking with people within the business sector.

27. I have a desire to assist pastors or other leaders so they can focus more on their ministry responsibilities.

28. I am often chosen as the leader in a group of people.

29. I enjoy opening my home to those visiting the area to make them feel welcome.

30. I have interpreted tongues with the result that the body of Christ was edified, exhorted, or comforted.

31. I am a very organized person who sets goals and makes plans to reach them.

32. I have a spiritual sensitivity to distinquish whether a person is or is not born again of the Spirit of God.

33. I have seen things in the spirit realm that I have subsequently brought into the physical world.

34. I have an excellent ear for music and can harmonize well.

35. I frequently see or am aware of the presence of angels.

36. I have witnessed God do the impossible when I prayed.

37. I enjoy doing things like woodworking, crocheting, sewing, metal work, or stained glass, etc.

38. I have ministered to the sick and seen them recover.

39. I firmly believe God wants to prosper my business to finance His kingdom.

40. I have compassion for people who are hurting and lonely, and I like to spend considerable time with them to cheer them up.

41. People often seek my advice when they don't know what to do or how to do it.

42. I enjoy being led by the Holy Spirit to recognize difficult biblical truths and principles.

43. People often tell me their problems, and I am able and willing to encourage them.

44. When a question arises from a difficult biblical passage, I am motivated to research the answer.

45. I take an active role in protecting Christians from worldly influences that would hinder their spiritual growth and weaken their faith.

46. Starting a new church or ministry would be exciting.

47. People of a different race or culture have been attracted to me and we have related well.

48. My passion is to train people how to hear the voice of God for themselves and to encourage them with words of confirmation.

49. I find it easy to frequently lead others to accept Jesus as their Savior.

50. Praying in tongues is a big part of my life.

51. I have a passion to see people get set free from demonic forces.

52. I often receive revelation from the Holy Spirit about business strategies.

53. I have the ability to recognize a need and get the job done, no matter the size of the task.

54. I don’t mind asking others to accomplish an important ministry in or for the church.

55. Our home is often used for small group meetings, social activities, or as a haven of rejuvenation.

56. Diverse kinds of tongues are a big part of my prayer life, and God frequently gives me their interpretations. 

57. I easily delegate significant responsibilities to other people.

58. The spirit realm is real to me, and I have seen angels and/or demons.

59. I am usually successful at starting and finishing projects that initially seem daunting.

60. I am motivated to develop my gift in music.

61. I frequently get visions or dreams that I know are from the Lord.

62. God has used me to personally work supernatural signs and wonders.

63. I like to share my artistic talents with the body of Christ.

64. I know I have the faith to see God's healing come to people.

65. God has blessed me with the ability to make more money than I need, so I cheerfully give much to the church.

66. I have a desire to work with those who have physical or mental problems to alleviate their suffering.

67. I sometimes feel that I know exactly what God wants to do in ministry at a specific time.

68. I often receive helpful information from God, which I would not have known otherwise, that builds the faith of others.

69. Challenging others to better themselves (especially in their spiritual growth) without condemning them is very important to me.

70. People have told me that I have helped them learn a biblical truth in a meaningful way.

71. It concerns me when people do not have spiritual guidance and direction.

72. The Lord has granted signs and wonders to be done by my hands when I have preached the gospel of Christ.

73. I would like to present the gospel in a foreign land.

74. Sometimes I feel a need to speak a message that calls God's people back to His heart.

75. Every chance I get, I try to win my friends to Jesus.

76. I have a passion to pray consistently and diligently and to watch God answer.

77. Others call on me when they suspect that someone is demonized.

78. Others have noted that I have a deep burden for taking "church" outside of four walls and into the ongoing, daily relationships with people.

79. I would like to do things like typing or filing, gardening, painting, cleaning, special projects, etc., for the church or to help in any way that I can.

80. I can guide and manage a group of people toward achieving a specific goal.

81. I consider it extremely important that guests and newcomers feel welcome at church.

82. Many times I am inspired to bring a word of encouragement from God to others.

83. I am able to recognize gifts and abilities in others and help them find an area of ministry where they are effective.

84. I can tell with a fiarly high degree of assurance when a person is afflicted by an evil spirit.

85. When I pray, it is not unusual for me to see miraculous answers.

86. I have an inner burning to worship the Lord frequently and help bring people into His presence.

87. The Lord has revealed to others that I have a seer anointing, and they have told me so.

88. God frequently gives me revelation to do impossible things for His glory.

89. I find satisfaction in meeting people’s needs by making something for them.

90. I actively seek out opportunities to pray for God to heal those who are physically and emotionally ill.

91. I am pressed in the spirit to provide for the kingdom of God.

92. When I hear of people who are without jobs and can’t pay their bills, I do what I can to help them.

93. I often am able to give an interpretation and the application of spiritual revelations to help others.

94. Sometimes the Lord gives me understanding of and solutions to problems in the church.

95. I can effectively motivate people to utilize their giftings for a more worthy endeavor.

96. I am organized in my thinking and systematic in my approach to presenting Bible lessons to other people.

97. I have enjoyed relating to a certain group of people over a long period of time, sharing personally in their successes and failures.

98. Leadership and vision are a big part of who I am.

99. I have a compelling burden to pray for a certain country or people group different than my own.

100. Through God, I have revealed specific things which have happened or will happen in the future.

101. I have shared joyfully how Christ has brought me to Himself in a way that is meaningful to non-believers.

102. I have a deep burden to pray for people as soon as I hear of their need, and I continue praying until I get a release.

103. I have ministered to people who were demonically oppressed and consistently witnessed their miraculous deliverance.

104. I feel it is my responsibility to promote the gospel in the business community.

105. I feel spiritually energized and fulfilled by helping others.

106. When I am in charge, people respect my opinion and follow my direction.

107. Others have frequently remarked on the heartwarming love evident in church suppers or other social events that I have coordinated.

108. I have the faith to step out and interpret what someone else has spoken in a tongue.

109. I am comfortable making important decisions, even under pressure.

110. I can sense when the anointing of the Holy Spirit intensifies in a meeting place.

111. Others have told me that I am a person of unusual vision, and I agree.

112. The Lord uses me to compose songs, deliver a message through song, or to prophesy on a musical instrument.

113. People say that the words that I speak from God move their heart and stir up their hunger for intimacy with the Lord.

114. Others can point to specific instances where my prayers have resulted in visible miracles.

115. People say I am gifted with my hands.

116. People often seek me out to pray for their physical healing.

117. I listen for and obey God's direction to know how to distribute my wealth for His kingdom purposes.

118. I enjoy working with the “unfortunate” and the “have-nots” who are often overlooked by others.

119. I have felt an unusual presence of God and personal confidence when important decisions needed to be made.

120. I have witnessed people coming under conviction when I shared insights given to me from the Holy Spirit.

121. I have a deep desire to see people excel, and I tell them that.

122. I feel God's blessing, power, and anointing when publicly speaking His message.

123. I help wandering Christians find their way back to a growing relationship with Jesus.

124. Starting new groups of Christians in areas where there aren’t many excites me. 

125. I find great joy in working with minorities, people of other countries, or those with other distinct cultural differences.

126. People have told me that I have communicated timely and urgent messages that must have come directly from the Lord.

127. I have a strong desire to help non-Christians find salvation through Jesus Christ, and it frustrates me to hear a good gospel message with no invitation to receive Him.

128. The Lord calls on me to pray often.

129. I am confident in my authority to cast out demons in Jesus' name.

130. I feel like I am fulling my ministry when I am at work, and God has granted me spiritual authority in that environment.

-Adapted from the work of Church Growth Institute and others.

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