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Star Common Name Constellation Full Name Translation/Reference Rolleston Language Identifier
Al Dafirah Com Aldhafera coarse hair in the tail of the lion

Allen, p. 261
Arabic * gam Com
Al Dafirah Com


the braid

Allen, p. 171

Arabic (Ulugh Beg, 1437) * alf Com A
Coma Com

Coma Berenices

the tail of Leo until 1602

Allen, p. 168

the desired, the longed for Greek Cl Melotte 111
Diadem Com Diadem Middle English: from Old French diademe, via Latin from Greek diadema ‘the regal headband of the Persian kings,’ from diadein ‘bind around.’
English * alf Com
Kissin Com Kissin a species of ivy

Allen, p. 171
Arabic (Ulugh Beg) * 21 Com
Polaris Galacticum Borealis Com Polaris Galacticum Borealis north pole star of the entire galaxy
Latin * 31 Com