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Star Common Name Constellation Full Name Translation/Reference Rolleston Language Identifier
Agena Cen genua (as in genuflect) knees

Hans Wehr, A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, 1961
Latin * bet Cen
Alnair Cen

Nayyir Badan Qanturis

"The Bright (Star) of the Body of the Centaur"

Kunitzsch, P.; Smart, T. (2006), A Dictionary of Modern star Names: A Short Guide to 254 Star Names and Their Derivations (2nd revised ed.), Cambridge, MA: Sky Pub, p. 28, ISBN 978-1-931559-44-7

Arabic * zet Cen
al-Zulman Cen


the ostriches

Kunitzsch, P. (1976). "Naturwissenschaft und Philologie: Die arabischen Elemente in der Nomenklatur und Terminologie der Himmelskunde". Die Sterne. 52: 218. Bibcode:1976Stern..52..218K.

the ostriches Golius' 1653 Arabico-Latinum Lexicon latinisation of the Arabic name * alf Cen
Asmeath Cen Asmeat a palm branch

Allen, p. 150

sin offering Bayer's Uranometria * alf Cen
Baten Kentaurus Cen Al Na`ir al Batn al Kentuurus the bright one of the centaur's belly

Allen, p. 154
Arabic * zet Cen
Bidelman's Helium Variable Star Cen

Bidelman's Helium Variable Star

The variations in the spectrum of HD 125823 can be represented by an oscillation between MK types B2 V and B7 IV:, on low-dispersion slit spectrograms. On spectrograms of higher dispersion, lines of both Si in and Siii are present and are sensibly unchanged in intensity throughout the variations. The spectral type determined from the ratio of Si in to Si ii is B2. The star's "normal" state appears to be B2 V. At intervals the He i lines become much weaker, with- out an accompanying change in the general level of excitation in the spectrum. At the helium-weak phase the spectrum may resemble the category of "weak helium-line" stars noted by Sharpless in Orion and discussed further by Sargent and Searle

English * a Cen
Hadar Cen


"to be present" or "on the ground" or "settled, civilized area"

Arabic * bet Cen
Menkent Cen derived from "Menkalinan" & 'Kentaurus" centaur's shoulder
Arabic & Greek * tet Cen
Muhlifain Cen

Al Muhlifain

"two things": half man and half beast

Kunitzsch, P.; Smart T. (2006),  A Dictionary of Modern star Names: A Short Guide to 254 Star Names and their Derivations. (2nd rev. ed.). Cambridge, MA: Sky Pub. ISBN 978-1-931559-44-7.

Arabic * gam Cen
Popper's Star Cen

Popper's Star

English V* V821 Cen
Proxima Centauri Cen Proxima Centauri a red flare, discovered in 1915 by Robert T. A. Innes, who suggested that it be named Proxima Centaurus, later amended to Proxima Centauri. The name is from Latin, meaning ' nearest [star] of Centaurus'. It's visual magnitude is only 11.13, meaning that a very powerful telescope is required to see it.
the pierced, who pierces Latin * alf Cen C
Przybylski' Star Cen

Przybylski' Star

In 1961, the Polish-Australian astronomer Antoni Przybylski discovered that this star had a peculiar spectrum that would not fit into the standard framework for stellar classificationPrzybylski's observations indicated unusually low amounts of iron and nickel in the star's spectrum, but higher amounts of unusual elements like strontium, holmium, niobium, scandium, yttrium, caesium, neodymium, praseodymium, thorium, ytterbium, and uranium.

Przybylski, A.; Kennedy, P. Morris (August 1963). "The Spectrum of HD 101065". Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 75 (445): 349–353. Bibcode:1963PASP...75..349P. doi:10.1086/127965.

Polish-Australian V* V816 Cen
Rex Centaurus Cen Rigil Kentaurus foot of the centaur

Allen, p. 152
the king, the centaur Arabic * alf Cen B
Rigil Kentaurus Cen Al Rijl al Kentaurus the foot of the centaur

Allen, p. 152
foot of the centaur Arabic * alf Cen
Rigilkent Cen Rijl Qanturus Foot of the centaur
Arabic * alf Cen
Rijl al-Qanturis Cen

Al Rijl al Kentaurus

the foot of the centaur

Allen, p. 152

foot of the centaur Arabic * alf Cen
Toliman Cen


originates with Jacobus Golius' 1669 edition of Al-Farghani's Compendium. Tolimân is Golius' latinisation of the Arabic name "al-Zulman", the ostriches

the heretofore and the hereafter Arabic * alf Cen B