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Star Common Name Constellation Full Name Translation/Reference Rolleston Language Identifier
Aspidiska Car Aspidiske ornamental aplustre

Allen, p. 74
the released who travel Arabic * iot Car
Aspidiske Car Aspidiske ornamental aplustre

Allen, p. 74
Greek * iot Car
Avior Car Avior The name Avior is not classical in origin. It was assigned to the star by HM Nautical Almanac Office in the late 1930s during the creation of The Air Almanac, a navigational almanac for the Royal Air Force. Of the fifty-seven navigation stars included in the new almanac, two had no classical names: Epsilon Carinae and Alpha Pavonis. The RAF insisted that all of the stars must have names, so new names were invented. Alpha Pavonis was named "Peacock", a translation of Pavo, whilst Epsilon Carinae was called "Avior".
English * eps Car
Canobus Car Canopus pilot of Menelaus' ship in Homer's epic; there is no sound for the letter "P" in the Arabic language; without a dagesh (invented aroud 1000 AD),Hebrew has no sound for "P"

Allen, p. 67
the possession of him who cometh Arabic * alf Car
Canopus Car Canopus first given to this star by Eratosthenes as an aid to global naviation in the 2nd Century BC; Eratosthenes also accurately measured the radius of the globe at that time; means the rudder of Argo Navis

Allen, p. 67
the possession of him who cometh Greek * alf Car
Innes Car

Innes' Star

Innes' Star was discovered in 1920 by Robert T. A. Innes in Union Observatory, Union of South Africa.

Tuomi, Mikko; Jones, Hugh R. A., Barnes; John R,; Anglada-Escude, Guillem; Jenkins, James S. (2014-03-10), Bayesian search for low-mass planets around nearby M dwarfs. Estimates for occurrence rate based on global detectability statistics.  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 441 (2): 1545.

English HD 304043
janub Car janub the southeastern wall of the Kaaba in Mecca

Islamic Awareness. "Astronomical Orientation Of Ka`bah".
Arabic * alf Car
Kahi Nub Car Kahi Nub golden earth

Allen, p. 68
Coptic * alf Car
Karbana Car


the star which pours his light in a glance of fire, when he disperses the morning dew

Allen, p. 67

Egyptian (Strabo, the grographer, 18th Century) * alf Car
Miaplacidus Car

Ma = "water" in Arabic

placid waters

Allen, p. 72

Arabic & Latin (Elijah Hinsdate Burritt, 1833) * bet Car
Ptolemaion Car Ptolemaeon the general controlling Egypt under Alexander the Great

Allen, p. 70
Greek * alf Car
Scutulum Car Scutulum little shield (third shield on Argo Navis)

Allen, p. 74
Latin * iot Car
Soheil Car Al Sahl the plain

Allen, p. 68
the desired Arabic * alf Car
Subilon Car Al Suhail al Wazn "Subhel" in the 1515 Almagest

Allen, p. 69
the branch Arabic * alf Car
Suhel Car Al Sahl the plain

Allen, p. 68
Arabic * alf Car
Turais Car Turais shield

Allen, p. 74
Arabic * iot Car
Tureis Car Turais shield

Allen, p. 74

the possession Arabic * iot Car