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For me, ESA was the catapult to get me where the Lord wanted me to be with His power and strength.

 BM, California

I wanted to let you know what a blessing it was to be in the [ESA] class and receive everything you shared inside and outside the class. God taught me abundantly in those five days, and I feel like many of my prayers were answered in regard to questions I had. I took many steps forward spiritually and have greater clarity in my mind and heart.

 AS, Connecticut

Since taking the ESA class this past August, my neck, arm, and shoulder have been completely, completely, completely free of any pain or irritation. Before that I had been “hurtin’ for certain!” I suspect the spirit of arthritis is in hell or some other uncomfortable place.

 BF, Maryland

I have been delivered from watching soap operas—PRAISE GOD! I credit the Lord most of all, but the class Exercising Spiritual Authority definitely contributed. I recommend this teaching to the body of Christ.

 MS, Ohio

The ESA class has forever impacted my private prayer life. Before, my prayer life was one of thanking and asking, but since taking the class, I recognize my authority in the spiritual realm. I still ask, and I still thank…but I also command—with authority—using words of power to accomplish the Lord’s will on this earth. Spiritual strongholds must bend and break down—by believers knowing how to address the spiritual realm in accordance with God’s Word.

 GH, South Carolina

I confessed Jesus as Lord and was spirit filled in 1975. In 1995, during the ESA [class], I fell to my knees and asked Jesus into my heart (again) and surrendered all. I felt like I had been born again, again. The words I heard…during that class cut into my spirit and changed my life forever.

 BM, Florida

I had a sound background in the ministry of the Holy Spirit prior to taking the ESA class in the mid 1990s. What distinguished this class from other teachings I had received, however, was the impact of the power God wanted to use and flow through me in all situations, and that so many times He simply wanted me to initiate the action of His will. This class [provided] a wealth of knowledge on so many pertinent truths, including satan and his kingdom and our victory over it, the gifts of the Spirit, faith, love, and how to stand in the armor of God. [It] truly gave me a foundation to exercise the spiritual authority God infused into me through my lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 CP, North Carolina

When I learned to “command” in the name of Jesus for the healing and deliverance to happen, it did. Two weeks after ESA a 27-year-old man blind in one eye for 22 years was healed when I ministered to him. Four months later a female stroke victim was in the hospital suffering paralysis. It was after visiting hours so I ministered healing to her over the phone. When I went to visit her the next day she had been sent home healed.

 PA, Kentucky

The most important impact that ESA had on my life is that it brought my reverence for the Lord Jesus Christ to a much deeper, more intimate level. My relationship with Jesus and the revelation that I received through the instruction regarding how life is “very, very, very, very spiritual” changed the focus and awareness of (my) life forever.

 JP, Illinois

After a break [in the ESA class], Dale came back and prayed for many different infirmities and requested that we keep our palms open to receive. When [he] prayed for the cancer to be removed, at that moment I exhaled and a deep guttural groan came out. That was my moment of healing. I began to weep many tears of joy. I give God the glory, for I have remained cancer-free for 10 years now!

 JM, Connecticut

The [ESA] class was the beginning of many teachings, which have helped me so much—all from just become a partner [Liberating Partner] and receiving new teachings each month that I listen to as soon as they arrive. I have the 16-audio tape series of ESA and listen to it periodically. I’m probably on the fifth time through. Every time I learn something new. Everything in it is still relevant to life today, and I get more and bolder to actually exercise my spiritual authority. I have taught many of the principles to my Bible study groups.

 MC, South Dakota

The ESA class taught me much about the differences between spirit, soul, and body. It gave me the much-needed tools to take control of my physical body to overcome gluttony and bring that body in submission. It’s an ongoing walk and the Holy Spirit continues to teach me what I need to succeed and truly overcome.

 SF, Nebraska

I vividly remember the life-changing impact of the teaching of the Scriptures and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit in the [ESA] class. The main thing that stood out to me was the immediate practical application of what we learned; we got in groups and got right to the task of ministering to others in the group. That day began my journey of an understanding of prophecy, particularly. I asked God for one person to minister to daily for a week following the class. The Lord was faithful to bring one person daily to me and that began my journey, which has continued to this day in exercising spiritual authority daily.

 BO, Virginia

ESA was…the beginning of healing for my marriage. It was the turning point where my husband and I could no longer ignore the problems that we had. We faced them head on and God restored our marriage. We just had our 13-year anniversary and we are now in ministry together full time.

 BD, Louisiana

During the [ESA] class, I was awakened one night in the motel room and saw in the Spirit a green glob moving inside my abdomen. I didn’t know what it was, but I spoke in tongues…until the vision ended and I could go back to sleep. The next day, at the end of the morning session, Dale…began naming demons that had no authority over, or in, anyone there and deliverances were taking place. I then knew that the demon inside me was a pining spirit (better known as “anorexia”), and I took authority over it in my body and told it to leave. I was . . . delivered from that putrid spirit, and have been ever since.

 JR, Pennsylvania

ESA is a class that helped enable me to know and experience who I am in Christ—an overcomer who is trained, equipped, and exercises their rights to possess and occupy until the Lord Jesus comes. The baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire enables us as Christians to live out abundantly what Jesus taught us when He said, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We need to walk and live in kingdom realities as a way of life and accept the mandate of Christ our Lord to go and do the “greater things!”

 SE, Virginia

The ESA class taught me how to minister healing to those around me and has given me confidence so that when I do minister I see greater results. I constantly use what I have learned in my daily life, and I can honestly say that in many ways it saved my life! I am much more aware spiritually of what is going on around me and it also increased the quality of my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is so much more than just a class!

 RG, North Carolina


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