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Small Groups

Liberating Ministries for Christ International has recently introduced the small group fellowship aspect of the ministry, Liberated Small Group Fellowships (LSGF). Whether you are already involved in a fellowship or are interested in beginning a small group in your home or in the marketplace, we can help you. LSGF provides resources, information, and counsel for those who have the desire to minister in this venue. Contact David Carroll at or 540-586-5813.

Apostolic Teaching

Dr. Dale M. Sides, affectionately referred to as “Dr. Dale,” travels extensively, teaching truths that are essential to our times, including living in the end times, exercising spiritual authority over your life and ministry, realizing and fulfilling your personal ministry, breaking strongholds, interceding with spiritual warfare, and discerning the times and the seasons through the Word of God written in the heavens.

As an apostolic teacher, Dale has developed an extensive array of materials designed to equip Christ followers for a life of victory. Whether you are a new, intermediate, or advanced-level believer seeking to grow spiritually as an individual or in a small group Bible study setting, click here for an index of resources that are available through LMCI. This up-to-date listing includes CDs, CD sets, DVD sets, MP3s, MP3 sets, books, booklets, e-books, free PDF files, and free articles available in our e-store.
To invite Dr. Dale to minister live in your area, click here or call the LMCI office at 540-586-5813.

College Work

Dr. Dale has a heart for the youth and has positively impacted teens through the Teen Camps that LMCI has held every summer since 1994. As many of these teens have moved on to pursue their education, LMCI has recognized the need to minister to and spiritually encourage college-aged believers. Since 2009, college students have been revitalized by attending LMCI’s Spring Break events designed specifically for them. 

Here's how to find out more about the college age ministry:
  • Visit to access the archives of Dr Dale's teachings on a variety of topics from the previously aired "Dr. Dale’s Tuesday Night Webcasts."
  • Visit to contact Dr Dale through his "Dale Sides" Facebook account, which is primarily devoted to his interaction with college students. 
  • Request to be Dr. Dale's Facebook friend and ask to receive Dale's short Bible Break communications sent out via Facebook to college students. 
  • On, enter "Mobile Minute w/ Dr. Dale" into the search box to view one-minute video clips previously sent to the college-age demographic.
To invite Dr. Dale to minister at your college campus, click here or call the LMCI office at 540-586-5813.

Ministry Programs

LMCI has four major areas of focus:

1. Liberating Partners

2. Christological Astronomy

3. Apostolic Teaching

4. Small Groups

Click on the Calendar link in the left column for specific information on LMCI events.


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